Our Fuels

For premium fuels at discount prices, EasternDiscountFuels.com is the place to go!

Easterndiscountfuels.com offers heating oil and propane for will-call only customers who have no need for full service and wish to order their fuel online with a credit card. By eliminating the costs of providing a service department, live customer service representatives, and payment terms, we pass the savings on to you!

Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil is available to customers from our Reading, Slatington and Wind Gap customer service centers. Unsure if we deliver to your area? Click for a quick price quote and enter your zip code to find out. 

WINTER BLEND Discount Heating Oil

For our customers who have outside tanks that are above ground, or have tanks that are otherwise prone to "freeze-ups" during cold weather, we offer our Winter Blend. Contact us to ask about this special blend fuel.


We deliver propane to a very large territory across Eastern Pennsylvania. While we are happy to provide this fuel to our online customers, due to safety concerns and state regulations there are certain rules which apply to propane deliveries. Please note that this service is only available for customers who have total tank storage of more than 200 gallons (or 800 lb) capacity.

Customer Owned Tank (never delivered to by Eastern, Bernville, Lessig, Trexler) - We will need to complete a system check to ensure the integrity and safety of your propane system before delivering fuel to your tank. It is a simple procedure, but someone will need to be at your home when we perform this service. New customers will see the cost and terms of this service when registering for their first propane delivery.

Customer Owned Tank (previously delivered to by Eastern, Bernville, Lessig, Trexler) - It is likely that we already have a current system check on file as described above.  So long as your tank has not run empty, in most cases we will be able to continue service for you through this site. When registering you may still be initially assessed the cost of a system check. If we have a current system check on file we will refund you this cost. 

Competitor Owned Tank - If you wish to change propane suppliers we encourage you to contact our full service division. One of our Energy Advisors or Service Supervisors will be able to coordinate the establishment of new service with minimal interruption and we can then set you up with one of our convenient service or payment plans. You may also contact your current supplier about purchasing your current tank.

Eastern Owned Tank - If you currently have propane service from a tank provided by Eastern Propane (Lessig/Bernville/Trexler) please contact our full service division. Customers in this category should not place an order online as it will affect your delivery status, payment terms and status and any service plans you may have active. Due to the costs of providing full service as well as tanks we are unable to offer discount fuel pricing to customers in this category. If you wish to lose the benefits of full service and purchase your tank to make online orders only please contact us.