Help us to serve you this winter.

Most Important
Watch your tank gauge!  As temperatures go below freezing, your fuel usage increases much faster than you may expect. Never let your oil tank go below 1/4 or propane tank go below 30% before placing an order when prolonged cold is forecast. While we understand customers wish to maxmize their savings with volume discounts, do not let yourself run out of fuel. Remember that all our drivers are extremely busy when we have extended sub-freezing temperatures. While you may normally get a delivery in 3 days, during extended cold be prepared for deliveries to take a full 5 business days. 
Before Snowstorms
Similarly, plan at least 3 days ahead of predicted snowstorms so your heating oil delivery arrives before the snow. Snow and ice slows down deliveries so planning ahead can avoid the anxiety of running low on oil.
After Snowstorms
Shovel a path - In order to ensure safe and timely deliveries by our drivers we sincerely appreciate a clear path from your driveway to your oil fill or propane tank. Do not forget that with the short days of winter our drivers may be delivering in the dark. If you have an in-ground tank, your driver needs to be able to find your fill, so please make it easy for them. 

Clear snow & ice from vents - Blocked intakes, vents and exhaust can cause your appliances to shut off, or worse, produce carbon monoxide. Check these during and after a storm and re-check every few days to guard against blowing and drifting snow.  
Our trucks are much wider than your car. Please ensure there is enough room for our trucks to enter and exit and clear of ice. Safety always comes first and our drivers may not be able to make your delivery if your driveway is ice or snow covered. 
If you get to the point where you know you are going to run out of oil before your delivery arrives, supplement your oil supply before you run out. It will avoid inconvenience and sometimes expensive start-ups... and more importantly, keep you warm. You can add other fuels from the distillate family to your oil tank... diesel fuel (either on-road or off-road) or kerosene (either clear or dyed). While these fuels will be more expensive than heating oil, they all burn safely in your oil burner. A good rule of thumb for most homes is 5 gallons/day during cold weather.